Williamston Station Members

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   Station Chief William Siegel

   Captain/EMT Scott Cochrane

   Lieutenant Regis Shuck

   Lieutenant Dan Shuck 

   Lieutenant Jared LeLaidier



  Firefighter Mason Bushard

   Firefighter Jacob Edgmon

   Firefighter Brian Hedden

   Firefighter/MFR Jacob Hunt

   Firefighter/EMT Greg Irwin

  Firefighter (Probationary)/Paramedic Mark Klem 

  Firefighter (Trainee)/Paramedic Danielle Marshall 

   Firefighter (Trainee)/MFR Matt Millbourne

   Firefighter/EMT Danille Orr

  Firefighter (Probationary)/EMT Daniel Ostrander 

   Firefighter/Paramedic Matt Philipson

   Firefighter Tom Pratt

   Firefighter John Risch

   Firefighter/MFR Jeremiah Sevrey

   Firefighter Rick Shuck

   Firefighter Tony Worth