Past and Present Locations

First Station 

Initially the Williamston Fire Department was housed in a building on the corner of High and Putnam Street. Around 1940, the Fire Department resided within City Hall at 161 E Grand River. The west side of the building was a garage area.

Then in early 1960's, the department moved to it’s current location at 627 E Grand River. The building was purchased from Consolidated Gas Company by the City of Williamston and Williamstown Township for $18,000. The Fire Board added on to the building in the early 70's to accommodate the need for additional equipment, and ambulances.

In August of 2006, the residents of NIESA’s service area generously voted to expand NIESA’s millage to cover building and equipments costs. This allowed us to build a new building in Williamston, which houses Williamston Fire Department, NIESA EMS and NIESA’s administrative offices. This building is located at 1296 W. Grand River.

The millage also allowed NIESA to purchase the Leroy Township Hall, which houses Leroy Township Fire Department. There are currently plans to remodel this building for fire and ems activities.