You Call, We Haul (EMS)

Star of Life

When the fire department first started it did not provide ambulance services and transportation to a hospital. The funeral homes provided ambulances. The Williamston Department initially responded in their personal vehicles to provide first-aid and relied on the funeral homes to transport the patients to the hospital. In 1958 the fire department purchased it’s first ambulance, a Ford Station Wagon. This unit was painted white with a red top and had a special single door on the back to accommodate its life as an ambulance. The second ambulance was a red Chevrolet Station Wagon purchased in 1964. Williamston Fire Department has been providing ambulance services ever since.

The training required to provide this service has greatly changed over the years. Initially you didn’t need a State license to provide medical assistance. Some of the older firefighters have been heard to say "You call, we haul, that’s all." Because the emphasis was not on treating injuries, it was on getting the person to the hospital.

Now all EMS personnel are required to have a license from the State of Michigan. The lowest license is a Medical First Responder, which requires approximately 6 months of training. Next is an Emergency Medical Technician, which requires approximately 12-18 months of training, then Emergency Medical Specialist, then Paramedic. All of these licenses require the individual pass a written and practical test.

Since the 1950's when we started providing ambulance service, our ambulance was considered a Basic Life Support ambulance. Which meant we did not have Paramedics. As of May of 2002, we provide an Advanced Life Support Ambulance (which has paramedics) , and a Basic Life Support Ambulance for the community.