Leroy Township Fire


Leroy Township Station Members

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 Chief Rod Pfiester

 Lieutenant Joshua Brooks

 Lieutenant Ron Cole, Jr.

 Lieutenant (Interim) Matt House

 Chief/EMT Sherry Davis



  Firefighter (Probationary) Kyle Bergeron

 Firefighter (Probationary) Nathan Chambers 

  Firefighter Rory Clark

 Firefighter Mike Flynn

 Firefighter/EMT Kevin Forester

 Firefighter/EMT Blake Hague

  Firefighter/MFR Jordan Hague

 Firefighter Nick Hamilton

 Firefighter/MFR Adam House

 Firefighter (Trainee) Jacob Joseph 

  Firefighter Ron Lillywhite

 Firefighter/MFR Nicholas Odett

 Firefighter Rob Oesterle

 Firefighter Baylee Pfiester

 Firefighter (Trainee)/EMT Collette Pratt 

 Firefighter/Paramedic Natasha Stepen

 Firefighter Fred Witchell