Burn Permits

Open Burning Regulations

Open burning is not permitted within the Williamston city limits or the Webberville village limits.

Please note: No burn permits for Williamstown Township are issued by NIESA. Please contact Williamstown Township Office for your permit at (517) 655-3193

Permits may be issued under these circumstances:

NO FIRE shall be set after the expiration of the latest activation number on the permit, and no fire shall be set at a time when a high wind is blowing.  An adequate fire line shall be made around the area to be burned, and a force of people sufficient to control the fire shall be on hand at the time of burning.  Permit holder shall be liable for all damage to property which may result from burning done under this permit.

This permit is only valid for burning of yard waste, leaves, brush, and bonfires.  Any other type of burning requires a separate written permit, issued by the fire chief or his designate.

You may obtain a Burning Permit or activate your permit at the NIESA office, once you obtain the initial permit, you can call to activate it. You must have a permit to have an open fire.

No permits or activation numbers will be issued during a State, County, or Township moratorium on burning.

All fires must be out by 9:00 PM, unless a bonfire/campfire permit has been requested at the time of the activation.

Submit On-line Permit

For more information you may contact these office:

NIESA Office: (517) 655-3384